Our learning programs often get flak. From overloaded phone companies.
No legalese, No fine print, No double talk
30 million jobs lost. Now it’s our business.
It takes a team ofhalachic authorities, alegal mind, and 5advocates to save 1 man.
Virtual Torah Program
Federal & State Advocacy
Financial Assistance
Medical Liaising

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In these weeks of crisis, Agudah has redoubled its efforts on behalf of Klal Yisrael, advocating for sanctity of life, cutting-edge research, and federal and state funding. We’ve answered and advised thousands of community members on pikuach nefesh she’eilos, issues of unemployment, and financial and legal counsel, providing guidance and relief in these turbulent times.

Medical Liaising

Standing up for sanctity of life.

Our patient advocates have guided families through delicate end-of-life matters and pikuach nefesh she’eilos, supporting those stricken by the virus with utmost respect and dignity. Agudah also prompted a life-saving plasma research project, working with hospitals and mobilizing potential donors throughout the country, providing hope to scores of patients and their families.

Financial Assistance

Providing Vital Counsel

Between our call centers and virtual seminars, the Agudah has answered and advised tens of thousands of community members on issues of unemployment and family leave, resolving constituent questions, providing financial advice, legal guidance, and vital relief.

Federal & State Advocacy

Advocating for urgently-needed funding

Agudah has redoubled its efforts on behalf of Klal Yisrael, lobbying for federal and state funding for businesses, yeshivos and schools. We’ve also created and mobilized task forces in 30 states, representing Jewish communities nationwide on issues related to weddings, mikvaos, shuls and schools.

Virtual Torah Program

Virtually sustaining the world.

We’re harnessing our most potent resource - the Kol Torah. Our Torah Projects team coordinated an array of meaningful programs that reached hundreds of thousands of men, women and children worldwide, including a virtual Yarchei Kallah, various webinars, and shiurim. Our youth programs, Masmidei Hasiyum, Bnos and Pirchei, also stepped up their programming with hotlines and incentivized learning.

Throughout COVID-19, the Agudah team was there, fighting on state and federal stages for funding and relief for
Jewish businesses, nonprofits, yeshivos, and schools.

When thousands of business owners were left high and dry,

The Agudah stepped in.

When hundreds of patients

The Agudah stepped in.

When yeshivos and schools were met with brick walls,

The Agudah stepped in.

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