When Our Religious Liberties Are Being Challenged,
Losing Is Not An Option.
When they boycott, divest, and sanction,
we need to support, invest, and sanctify.
When the halls of power
breach our school hallways.
When torah & tefillah were deemed unessential,
winning became essential.
When zip codes became
political codes.
When Pulling A Plug Is A Matter Of Life,
We Can’t Be Matter Of Fact.
Government Affairs
Public Relations
Legal Advocacy
Torah Projects
Religious Discrimination
Medical Liaising

A stronger Agudah is a stronger Klal Yisroel

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Turbulent times call for stable leadership

From physical attacks on Jews and shuls to political battles against our belief system and way of life, antisemitism is here – and unrelenting. Agudah will always be here to fight for Klal Yisroel, but in order to serve you, we need your support. Give us the strength to keep on fighting.


Family values abandoned, traditional morals discarded, religious practices mocked and restricted, all in the name of progressivism. Turbulent times call for stable leadership. Help Agudah continue advocating in the halls of power. Give us the strength to keep our freedoms defined and our way of life secure.


From extra staff in schools to other programs and home help, the costs and challenges for our most vulnerable children can be daunting. Project LEARN makes sure we secure much needed government funds today, and for years to come. Agudah will always fight for your children, because they are our children too. We will never give up, but we need your support.


Overbearing regulations, encroaching executive decisions and interference with our schools’ curriculums. We need your help to continue preserving the sanctity of our children’s chinuch. Give us strength to keep on ensuring the essential autonomy of our yeshivos.


Hospitals taking matters into their own hands, patients’ lives threatened by bureaucracy, halacha sidelined with impunity, the sacred values of our community at risk. We need your help to continue championing the sanctity of life 24/7.

We believed

That our communities were commended, our schools accepted,
our international relationships respected.

We were admired and appreciated in
the halls of government and welcomed as neighbors.

That the world knew the strength and safety of our communities
and saw the beauty of our morals, our lifestyle, our families.

We could walk the streets
safely and practice our religion freely.

Then, everything changed. All around the country we found ourselves locked out of shuls and schools. We found ourselves under attack: mocked verbally and assaulted physically, on the streets, in the media, and in the court of public opinion. However, while it seemed that everything had changed, in reality, nothing has ever changed. We’ve always been dependent on Hashem, and always will be. Now, more than ever, we need to act as one, speak up as one, and succeed as one. With Hashem’s help, we will prevail. Now, more than ever, we need YOU.

Here's where you come in.

You can join this force and stand up on behalf of yourself, your family and all of Klal Yisroel, by supporting the Agudah, enabling and furthering its critical efforts.

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Mr. Shlomo Werdiger
Chairman, Board of Trustees
Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel
Executive Vice President
Rabbi Labish Becker
Executive Director

Washington DC and Regional Directors

Rabbi Abba Cohen
Vice President for Government Affairs and Washington Director
Rabbi Yitzchok Ehrman
Chief Executive Officer of Agudath Israel of Illinois
Rabbi Yitz Frank
Executive Director, Agudas Yisroel of Ohio
Mrs. Ariella Hellman
Director of Government Affairs for Agudah of New England
Rabbi Yossi Kaplan
Director of Agudath Israel of Colorado
Dr. Irving Lebovics
Chairman, Agudath Israel of California
Rabbi Moshe Matz
Executive Director of Agudath Israel of Florida
Rabbi AD Motzen
National Director of State Relations
Rabbi Yaakov Robinson
Executive Director of Midwest Conference of Synagogue Rabbonim
Rabbi Ariel Sadwin
Director of Agudath Israel of Maryland and Mid-Atlantic Region
Rabbi Avi Schnall
Director of Agudath Israel's New Jersey Office
Rabbi Yeruchim Silber
Director of New York Government Relations
Rabbi Shlomo Soroka
Director of Government Affairs for Agudath Israel of Illinois
Miss Chaya Abraham
Assistant for Communications
Rabbi Eliyahu Bamberger
National Director of Daf Yomi Commission
Mr. Ami Bazov
Coordinator of Education Affairs
Mrs. Nechie Berman
Director, Fresh Start Training Program
Rabbi Mordechai Biser
Special Counsel
Miss Bracha Blumenkrantz
Administrative Assistant
Ms. Judith Dinowitz
Data Asset Manager, Communications
Mrs. Ora Ehrentreu
Miss Esther Elbaum
Accounts Receivable, Foundation
Miss Esther Evans
Miss Shana Feller
Yeshiva Services
Rabbi Berish Fried
Development Director, Chayim Aruchim
Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Gluck
Director of Corporate Communications
Mrs. Shulamis Gluck
Camp Office
Rabbi Shragi Greenbaum
Director, Rockland Regional Office
Rabbi Aaron Halpern
Administrator, COPE Institute
Mrs. Chana Baila Hass
National Director, Bnos Agudas Yisroel
Miss Esty Horowitz
Executive Assistant Project LEARN
Mrs. Leah Horowitz
Discharge Consultant, Chayim Aruchim
Mrs. Debby Jacobs
Conference and Special Events Registration Coordinator
Rabbi Avrohom Jaffe
Executive Director, Southern Brooklyn Community Organization (SBCO)
Mrs. Chani Kaplan
Graphic Designer
Rabbi Moshe Kolodny
Director Orthodox Jewish Archives
Rabbi Shmuel Lefkowitz
Vice President for Community Affairs; President, Chayim Aruchim
Rabbi Ephraim Levi
National Director Pirchei Agudath Israel of America
Rabbi Shai Markowitz
Director Lefkowitz Leadership Initiative
Rabbi Naftali Miller
National Director of Development
Mrs. Rochel Miller
Director Strategic Development
Miss Rivky Moskowitz
Deputy to the Executive Vice President
Rabbi Shimon Newmark
Director Camp Division
Mrs. Henchi Nockenofsky
Camp Bookkeeper
Rabbi Avrohom Nisan Perl
National Director of Commission on Torah Projects
Rabbi Yehoshua Pinkus
Director Yeshiva Services
Miss Malky Pogrow
Executive Assistant to National Director of Development
Mrs. Pearl Rand
Camp Office Manager
Mrs. Rachel Salem
Executive Assistant to Pirchei
Mrs. Elisheva Schilit
Executive Assistant to Camp Director
Rabbi Avi Shafran
Director, Public Affairs
Ms. Chava Shulman
Director Constituent Services
Rabbi Daniel Soloff
National Director of Professional Career Services (PCS)
Mrs. Leah Steinberg
Director Project LEARN (Special Education)
Miss Shira Devora Steinberg
Executive Assistant Commission on Torah Projects
Miss Miri Szpilzinger
Assistant for Communications
Rabbi Dovid Yosef Thaler
Mr. Moshe Tyberg
Director PCS New York
Miss Tamar Vandervelde
Archives Assistant
Rabbi Aron Wajsfeld
Patient and Family Representative, Chayim Aruchim
Mr. Avrohom Weinstock
Chief of Staff
Rabbi Ari Weisenfeld
Government Relations Coordinator
Mrs. Deborah Zachai
Director Emeritus of Education Affairs
Ms. Leah Zagelbaum
Vice President of Communications